We understand that our Performance is a key factor to your decision making to become part of our family of offerings. Of course, “past returns are no guarantee of future returns”, but over time we have proven to be consistent and reliable. We have made it through some of the most volatile trading conditions in history and have lived to see another day, and that’s what has kept our clients happy. With months of very comlicated and tough experience wich we has lately faced we now can provide you even better and more powerful service.



My name is Viktor Karpinsky, and I wasn't able to keep that project on my own. It took a lot of money and time. Anyways I want you, Investor, not to get lost in this complicated FX world, where 95% of all offers are scam. Currently I'm Head of Advisor Recruitment @ Infinium Financial. I'm responsible for verifying traders.
You can have a look at my brochure  which contains one of the best traders we have found so far and allocated $30M with them.
Also you can always call me or send an email for an advise, I would like to help you not to get into scam.    

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