My name is Viktor Karpinsky, and I wasn't able to keep that project on my own. It took a lot of money and time. Anyways I want you, Investor, not to get lost in this complicated FX world, where 95% of all offers are scam. Currently I'm Head of Advisor Recruitment @ Infinium Financial. I'm responsible for verifying traders.
You can have a look at my brochure  which contains one of the best traders we have found so far and allocated $30M with them.
Also you can always call me or send an email for an advise, I would like to help you not to get into scam.     




Today we partly open our doors to public investors, and the easiest way to start and test some of our service is to run our signals. Trade entries can be placed directly to your MT4 platform at the exactly same time we enter our trades. There is no need for you to spend time waiting for email or SMS Forex Alerts to arrive, physically enter any trades, or worry about duplicating our performance. Now trades duplication consits of 3 easy steps:

You can install our PrivateForexTrader Signal Receiver on any MT4 account with any broker. All trades from our MT4 account are automatically duplicated in your MT4 account, without any work or intervention from you! One of the most innovative and exclusive features of our PrivateForexTrader experience is the auto-trading capability.

The auto-trading feature is a fully-automated trade copier trading system that enables Private Forex Trader users to draw on the wealth of knowledge and expertise of our expert traders and use tried and tested strategies to automatically copy our trades on your own MT4 trading account instantaneously.

The auto-trading systems give beginners to professional traders an opportunity to enter the Forex market with a certain level of confidence, as well as to allow more experienced traders to broaden their market activities.



Please choose trading strategy (which supports signals) you want to implement on your account, all performances is available there.



We offer 30 days of service free! Only after you are satisfied with trading results you will make a payment to extend your subscription for the next month.  During first month you will be able to cancel at any time without paying a penny. 



Once you have any problems regarding execution of trades or software installation - contact our support department immediately, and you will mostly receive an answer during several hours.



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