Managed Account, what is that?
   Many people are drawn to the forex and stock market due to high liquidity, 24 hour trading, low startup costs, and a number of other attractive reasons. However, some traders are unable to sufficiently learn or trade due to a conflicting full time job or other obligation. Also, many investors like to supplement their existing portfolio without having to learn a completely new market. This is where the “managed forex account” comes in.
    There are obviously many up sides to a managed account. The investor is able to achieve a steady rate of growth without having to spend all the necessary time and effort to trade the money himself. The investing firm or company that provides the managed forex account will take a small portion of the profit for the month or year, still assuring that the account is at steady growth. The forex market is a very liquid market as well, giving the investor a much more flexible means of withdrawing funds from the managed forex account. Also, trading currency allows profit potential in both rising and falling markets, giving the experienced money manager more opportunities to grow the investor’s account.
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