Key Features

 Your money on your account

Your money is deposited in your personal trading account and nobody but you have access to it. You are the only person with the permission to withdraw or transfer your money.


Your money is on your trading account. You have 24/7 access to your trading account via simple application and you can see at any moment what exactly is going on there. The trading platform provides you with the possibility of checking your account at any time; what trades are open, what is your profit/loss.

Money protection

All investments have a built in capital protection of a minimum of 80% of the total amount invested. In the event that the level of equity of an investment falls below this level, trading on the account is automatically suspended.  

Instant access to your money

Your money is liquid – Forex account is not a fixed term account and you are not bound to any certain period. If you decide to make a full withdrawal or you want to withdraw only your profit you have full right to do it at any time.

Hands free earning

Private Forex Trader was developed for those who are tired of actually doing something to earn money. We’ve done everything necessary instead of you – developed one of the best trading systems, and we are ready to run it on your account. You will only watch how we trade your account and how much profit we make for you.


Over 2 years reported tradings

There are few managed companies who are able and ready to show very profitable and long record of trades. We are one of them! There can be written a lot of words, a lot testimonials but the best reflection of our work is our long tracked performance.

More than several MLNs in managing

We are very experienced to manage big accounts, and they are live! The account which is published there is one of our accounts and it has reached 2MLNs mark. We can rely on our trading and manage so big amounts, so you can do the same without any hesitations.


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